Important Information On Stable Management

The horse business is an exciting industry but can be overwhelming due to the work involved. Horses depend on human care, and that is half of the work involved in stable management. The remaining task is paperwork management that include collection of relevant information about the horses and keeping records. All these consume a lot of time and energy making good stable management a necessity. In this article, we discuss stable management, controlling odour in stables and what makes horses great.

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What is stable management? 

Stable management is the practice of taking care to horses, and this includes aspects such as medical follow-up, care, shelter, exercise and many more. If you are horse owner or caretaker, you should be aware about the daily management of horses including their feeding schedule, medical care and exercise program. The different aspects of stable management are feeding and water supply, providing the best and safe environment for horses and providing bedding to enhance warmth and comfort for horses. Other aspects include cleaning the stables, providing suitable equipment for horse riding and preparing them for competition.

How to Control Stable Odour

Poor stable management can result into odour wafting from a horse facility. Besides turning away customers, it can lead to legal actions from your neighbours.  Luckily, there are many ways to control the odour if you have proper stable planning and management. Still, it is essential to understand the cause of the odour before learning the different odour control solutions. Two major odour producers are manure and urine. Decomposing manure produce odour, particularly when there is no adequate oxygen. However, you can control this by ensuring good drainage, daily cleaning and using absorbent bedding.The offensive urine ordour comes from ammonia. If you feed the horse with more protein than what its body requires, nitrogen in form of ammonia is converted to urea. The urea is then excreted in the urine. That is why horses fed with more proteins have wetter and smellier stalls. To prevent odour from urine, you need to be keen on site selection, ventilation, waste management and hygiene.

What Can a Stable Offer?

A stable offers you more opportunities to horses and make money out of them. For instance, you may 

Why are Horses Great?

Horses are unique animals that are often sought after pets. But what makes horses great?

Exercise and Fitness

People who like horse riding also have it as a way of keeping fit and healthy in the outdoors. As you explore the nature, you will also relieve stress and this improves your mental health.

A sociable Activity

Whether you are horse riding for competition or having fun with your friends out there, all these activities allows you to meet people from different backgrounds and culture. Eventually, you improve you network for future engagement and realization of more opportunities in the horse industry. 

Easy to Manage

Many people think that horse keeping is difficult. However, if you can provide food, bedding and shelter, the activity becomes easier. Horses also have a long lifespan making it a venture to consider.